Intro to Anime: My Hero Academia

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On this episode, Antariksh is joined by fellow IVM producer Sumit Pande, to talk about one of their favourite anime shows - My Hero Academia (or 'Boku No Hero Academia' in Japanese). If you are at all into anime, you should definitely check out MHA as it's one of the great anime which is still ongoing. Sumit and Antariksh help you understand what the show is about, the story, the characters, the power scaling, the villains and the world in general of MHA. What makes it so awesome? What makes it stand out compared to the slew of other anime shows out there?

Also, don't miss the recommendations round where Sumit talks about being in the midst of watching 'Better Call Saul', and Antariksh talks about a new show on Apple Tv called 'Ted Lasso'.

Tune in to find out this and a lot more.

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