The Badly Described Movie Game

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Antariksh - Lil Dicky Freestyle rap vid (Music video)
Zalak - The Midnight Gospel (Netflix Animated Series)
Vinay - BhaDiPa (YouTube channel)
Abhineet - Beluga (YouTube channel)
It's time to play some games on IVM Likes this week. In today's episode, Antariksh is joined by fellow IVM producers, Zalak, Abhineet and Vinay. In Part 1 of this series, the squad plays a game of 'Badly Described Movies' and the winner gets to call the host of the game, Zalak, by her infamous nickname - 'Zalak Dikhlaja'. Tune in to find out who wins this round, and come back again next week where Antariksh will host his 'oRiGiNaL' game show idea - The Rajeev Masand Game.
Till then, try guessing this badly described movie - Small town doctor brings 3 people closer together. Hint : It's a Hollywood movie. Hint : Not everyone can watch this movie. Let us know your answers on our Instagram page -
Recommendations of the week - Vinay recommends BhaDiPa's YouTube channel, Zalak talks about Netflix's 'The Midnight Gospel', Abhineet recommends the YouTube channel 'Beluga', and Antariksh fanboys over Lil Dicky's Freestyle on 'Sway in the Morning' on YouTube.
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