Should you be watching The Wheel of Time?

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Antariksh - Red Notice (movie - Netflix)
Zalak - I care a lot (movie - Netflix)
Amit - The Dresden Files (novel)
Pavan - Arcane (series - Netflix)
This week on IVM Likes, Antariksh and Zalak are joined by Amit and Pavan, enthusiasts of the Amazon Prime show - 'The Wheel of Time'. We discuss their journey of reading the books by the same name, more than a decade back, and now their reactions to the live adaptation of the show. Later we get into the rabbit hole of discussing the live adaptations of fantasy genre books - what we like, what we don't and what live adaptations we'd like to watch.
Recommendations of the week - Pavan recommends a show on Netflix called Arcane, Zalak talks about Netflix's movie 'I care a lot', Amit recommends The Dresden Files novel, and Antariksh recommends the new Netflix movie, Red Notice.
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