Child Vaccination and Parental Consent, Winter Lockdown, Texas Abortion Law - Revs in Conversation

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Church of England vicars Tom and Jamie sit down to talk about the week's news, including: Sajid Javid says that parental consent will not be needed for the jab rollout for 12-15s after the decision on the jabs was re-delegated to the Chief Medical Officer because the JCVI did not recommend it; the government denies that there will be a lockdown this October, despite somebody leaking the possibility of one to the press; the Texas abortion "heartbeat" law that makes illegal any abortion that takes place in the state of Texas after six weeks; and the exciting news that Jeff Bezos is funding an anti-ageing startup in the hope of finding the key to eternal life.
Our Scripture this week is taken from Luke 12:15-21, the Parable of the Rich Fool.
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Jeff Bezos funds anti-ageing startup
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