Bad Friday (and Monday)

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This week Revs Tom and Jamie give it both barrels on the subject of Easter Monday's dismal, doom-mongering, life-sapping press conference, predicting imminent death for the entirety of the human race unless we wear masks forever and never touch another human being again...oh and also unless the government are allowed to create a new medical apartheid in the UK using vaccine passports.
We update our viewers on the Vaccination Passport Letter campaign, in which we voice our strong opposition to vaccines passports in society and church.
We cover the obscene police church invasion in south London, which took place on Good Friday and ask what the heck were the police thinking? And finally, we turn to the best of the listener feedback including a "mildly enjoyable rant".
If you are a leader in a church or Christian organisation, please read and sign our Vaccination Passport Letter to the Prime Minister . If you are not a leader and would like to help please send this letter to any Christian leaders you know and share it in your social media channels. Whether you are a leader or not, please write to your MP and tell him or her how much you are scandalised by the very idea of vaccine passports.
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