A Monumental Waste of Time

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Revs Tom, Jamie and Daniel get together to discuss: hugging, the local elections, Michael Gove's personal email to Jamie on vaccine passports, the masked gargoyle in St Alban's Cathedral, racist Church monuments and what vicars are being asked to do about them, and Dr Bernard Ridley, reported to a counter-terrorism unit for preaching a sermon about tolerance!
Our Scripture this week is taken from John 17:15-19, through which we ask the question: is the Church of England really allowing itself to be guided by the truth as revealed by Christ or is it merely jumping onto fashionable political bandwagons in search of approval from the world?
For information on how to either attend or view online Dr Edward Dowler's Pusey House address, The Church and the Virus, please see http://www.puseyhouse.org.uk/lectures.html or send an email to pusey.chapel@stx.ox.ac.uk to be added to the mailing list for the Zoom link.
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Daniel French (Spectator) - The CofE's misguided obsession with statues
Christian Concern - School chaplain reported to terrorist watchdog for sermon on identity politics
Methodist Covenant Prayer

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