Episode 123a - IT in 2022

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Welcome to Episode 123 Main Topic
  • What does it look like to work in IT today?
    • Iron syadmin’s have been around a long time, things have changed since we got our starts in this industry.
    • Can you start off the street or do you need certs and education?
    • Help Desk
    • Classic “sysadmin”
    • Legacy admin (old skool Unix and prior)
    • DevSecBizCheeseOps
    • Novell/legacy to Windows to Linux in data centers
    • Cloud based tech
    • Software as a service/components
    • Mobile apps
    • Automation
    • Intro:
    • What is entry level now?
    • What are some roles and how have they changed?
    • How have techs changed the role of IT careers?

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