Intercepted Imperial Transmissions: S3:E53

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In today's episode, the inevitable passing up of holidays and leaping to Christmas.

The Librarian drops some knowledge, and Bruce Wayne is slumming it in Shaolin.

Believe it, or not, we don't have any Star Wars to discuss....SOME people haven't caught up with Andor. :)

We pass on some closing opinions on She-Hulk...did K.E.V.I.N. sink its own ship?

Wait, I was mstaken, we discuss how Andor's reviews seem to show the series is doing poorly.

The Librarian's work peeps get mentioned on a old TV like us, you really like us!

The Librarian passes on a theory and Kathleen Kennedy is asked by Disney to stop announcing Star Wars projects BEFORE they get the green light.

So, grab some Shaolin Mac n' Cheese, a cold Weißbier and enjoy.

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