#42, Dimitris Petrilis, Co-founder & CEO of Infin8, we discusses about the open banking, new financial technologies and the future of banking.

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Dimitris Petrilis, Co-founder & CEO of Infin8 (a Visa Innovation Program alumni) discusses with Thodoris Kotzastavros about the open banking, new financial technologies and the future of banking. Join us for an interesting discussion on how our lives will change, and how Infin8’s vision will affect our personal finances.
Dimitris Petrilis is co-founder and CEO of Infin8. He is also a Board Member of WATT+VOLT SA and CEO of Code City Private Limited. He has 20 years of experience working in financial institutions and IT vendors specializing in the financial services. He has gained his experience working in multinational corporations such as Goldman Sachs , Oracle Financial Services, SAS Institute, ACI Worldwide and Capital Banking Solutions. Dimitris is passionate about the financial services sector and the disruption that is currently taking place in the industry.

Infin8 is a Fintech based in Greece (live in 6 countries) offering account aggregation, payment initiation and financial management. It currently has more than 1000 users. In the future, Infin8 is planning to use the power of open banking to offer smart leads to merchants based on transactional behavior. Also, Infin8 is developing account-to-account and wallet-to-wallet payment method functionality, that will significantly reduce the transactional fees of the merchants while offering instant reconciliation.


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