Interview with Aimee Mayo

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Grammy nominated songwriter (and now author) Aimee Mayo grew up in Gadsden, Alabama and moved to Nashville at 20 to become a songwriter. At 23, she had her first song on the radio "Places I've Never Been” by Mark Wills. Since then, her songs have spent twenty-six weeks in the #1 spot on the Billboard charts and albums featuring her songs have sold over 155 million units worldwide. Her dad Danny Mayo was a writer on “Keeper of the Stars,” for Tracy Byrd, “ Feed Jake,” for Pirates of the Mississippi, “If I Had You,” for Alabama and “Jesus & Mama Always Loved Me,” for Confederate Railroad. Aimee's songs include the mega hit "Amazed" by Lonestar, "Everytime I Hear That Song" by Blake Shelton, "Wheel Of The World" by Carrie Underwood & "It's Always Somethin'".by Joe Diffie. She is one of the few females to receive both BMI's Country Song of the Year, and BMI's Country Songwriter of the Year putting her in the company of Dolly, Loretta, Shania & Taylor. After 15 years in the making, Aimee has released her moving memoir Talking To The Sky which takes the reader into her tough start in life with a writing style full of heartbreak, humour & hope. Aimee joins me on the show to talk about her memoir, her hit songs & more! Plus, you'll her her songs: Martina McBride's "This One's For The Girls", Tim McGraw "My Best Friend" and Kenny Chesney's "Who You'd Be Today".

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