Episode 76 | Part 2: Something that helps you save time | Submit your MP3 speaking sample!

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Submit your speaking sample here! https://www.ieltsspeakingblog.com/view/courses/speaking-about-objects/1418578-4-july-2022-part-2-an-object-that-helps-you-save-time/4398769-homework-upload-your-mp3-speaking-sample

This week we're looking at a Part 2 cue card that is on the topic of something that helps you save time. Here is a transcript of the sample from the episode in case you missed something while listening:

Talk about something that helps you save time. Please say: -what it is -when you use it -why you use it -and explain why you believe it helps you save time One item that helps me save time is a calendar that I have hanging up in my kitchen. This calendar is painted on a whiteboard, so every few weeks I erase everything I had previously written and populate it with my schedule for the coming month. Because it is large and in a central part of my home, I essentially use it all the time. It is usually one of the first things I look at in the morning, and because I work from home I refer to the calendar several times throughout the day. I feel the calendar keeps me organised and ensures I do not schedule overlapping events. This helps me budget my time and clearly designate moments in my day when I can relax. If I know my schedule is comprehensively laid out, I don’t waste time worrying about it. Plus, it is much easier to use than an app on my phone. Changing anything on the calendar only takes a few seconds, so I suppose this saves me additional time. In addition to this, it communicates my professional commitments to my other family members. They can clearly see when I am working and when I am free, so this saves time by minimising work time interruptions. Thank you for leaving a 5 star review of this podcast! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/ieltscast-weekly-shadowing-exercises-for-ielts-speaking/id1070129363

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