Simulating Consumer Behaviour For Demand Forecasting

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01:43 Appling COVID forecasting models for business problems
03:23 We're not forecasting numbers but how consumers react to different stimuli
05:21 John Cordier, CEO of Epistemix, pushing the boundaries of predictive analytics
08:10 Modelling variables like behavior and policy that spread diseases
12:20 Most companies use only internal data which stops us from spotting changes
14:06 Testing assumptions to identify the tipping point of behavioral change before they happen
14:15 Understanding the 'why' of behavioral change
16:30 What synthetic data is
18:23 Modelling adoptions curves for diseases and consumer products is the same
19:24 Simulating the interactions between people, things and environment
21:23 Demand shaping to drive adoption of new products
22:40 Modelling shifting populations
24:58 How behavioral simulation complements what demand planners are already doing

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