From aquariums to backpacking & how a Brit found her feet in Aussie Agriculture with Talulah Gaunt

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Imagine at the age of 10 with the help of your Grandma, you discover and decide on what career you want to pursue and what university course you will study.

Well that was the reality for Talulah Gaunt. Growing up in South West London, Talulah always loved animals. In her early days the interest was found through zoo's and aquariums until as a consumer she began to become more interested in farming.

One day she was exposed to someone who was a campaigner, and this led Talulah down a pathway to find out more about farm animal welfare and the world leading standards within the UK. This took her on to what she calls 'an obsession' to find our more about food, product labelling, marketing and especially animal welfare messaging.

I’m amazed with Talulah's self-awareness and willingness to broaden her perspectives. She’s spent time working on dairy farms in Wales and New Zealand before heading over to Australia and as part of her visa working on a grains and cotton property in the Northern NSW town of North Star.

I found this chat really refreshing, it is so true that there is no linear pathway that 'you must follow this pathway to be in agriculture' and Talulah is a prime example of that. Anyone with a passion can get involved in agriculture.

Today, Talulah is the Manager for RSPCA Approved Farming Scheme, her work involves overseeing the programs for higher animal welfare across Australian farms to transition to higher welfare practices.

Big thank you to LAWD for their ongoing support, have a listen to CEO, Enda Foley on In The Know On The Go.

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