The Alchemist, the Strangers, and the Volunteer (Part 3)

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Boaz wants to marry Ruth, but there's one thing standing in the way.

Text: Ruth 3:16-4:22


  • Yahweh
  • Ruth
  • Naomi
  • Boaz

What's Spooky:

  • Married sex (not spooky, but may spark some questions if you're listening with your kids)


Winds of Change | Four Trees
Gentoo | Kingpinguin
Hoiho | Kingpinguin
Adelie | Kingpinguin
Snares | Kingpinguin
Charge Into 2019 | Dexter Britain
Light Through Water | Stephen Gutheinz
Close to Me (Instrumental) | CHPTRS
Heart Strings | Cody Martin
Out of Home | Dexter Britain
Fine-Toothed Chrome | Sam Barsh


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