Hip Hop and R&B Journey- Remix Edition

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The Hip Hop and R&B Journey: Remix Edition Part One is here! Your favorite throwback, classic remix songs that was so nostalgic! Here's the following tracks: The Dream f/ Fabolous- Shawty Is A Ten Dru Hill ft Ja Rule- You Are Everything Ahmad- Back In The Day Rihanna ft Justin Timberlake- Rehab Beyonce f/ Kanye West, J. Cole- Party Mary J. Blige ft Lauryn Hill- Be With You Blackstreet- Don't Leave Me (Hip Hop Remix) Dem Franchize Boyz ft Jermanine Dupri, Da Brat, Bow Wow- I Think THey Like Me Jennifer Lopez featuring Ja Rule- I'm Real Saigon featurin Jay-Z - Come On Baby 50 Cent- P.I.M.P featuring Snoop Dogg, Lloyd Banks, Young Buck Christian Milian ft Fabolous- Dip It Low Missy Elliott ft Lil Kim, Mocha & Timbaland- Hit Em Witd Da Hee J. Cole ft Nas- Let Nas Down Total ft Keith Murray- Can't You See Mary J. Blige ft Mr Cheeks- I'm Going Down Tevin Campbell- Can We Talk Fabolous featuring Drake- Throw It In The Bag It's tha remix y'all! Let's go!

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