Being Both Big AND Strong Hits Harder – Bigger Weight Class

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Continuing our look at who hits harder, now we consider fighters in different weight classes and the effect this has on the physics of striking!

The last episode, “Fat Loss: Who Hits Harder, Big Or Fast?” created some fantastic points of discussion. And shone a light on some areas of confusion too. In this episode, I’ll take key elements from Adam’s comment to focus on one area of confusion right now…

“…knockouts in the heavyweight division are WAYY more common. Yet if we say the strike is proportional to the velocity squared, then the little guys should be generating double and triple the punching power. If that were true, the lower weight divisions would be KO after KO.”

Adam is right! However this asks a different question to Toni’s one regarding fat loss in the previous episode. So this time, let’s dig into why Adam is right, why this is a different question, and most importantly, what this means to you and your own performance training!

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