E382 - Phoebe Lay - How To Easily Drive More Stunning Readers Using Digital Marketing

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In this episode I get to speak with Phoebe Lay. She is a business coach and mentor. As the Founder & Director of Thrive and Shine Co. Phoebe helps entrepreneurs and business owners with their Social Media Marketing, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Phoebe combines her expertise in business coaching with her strengths in branding and social media marketing to give business owners a system and a blueprint to generate leads and increase profit through building a strong online presence.

Phoebe also has an online program and runs regular Masterminds and Workshops to help small to medium businesses gain more customers and scale their brands through social media marketing. Over the past 3 years Phoebe has developed a 7 Step System for her clients which she shares at workshops and events.

Our Guest

Phoebe Lay

Hacks to Take Away

  • She talked about realizing that what people struggle with is actually some of the things that she’s actually naturally really good at, like Instagram, and Facebook and social media.
  • “One thing business has taught me is that you just keep expanding and changing your goals and changing that benchmark and changing that goalpost.” - Phoebe Lay
  • She shared about how she overcame anxiety mainly through the changing of her mindset.
  • She eventually discovered that she really had a drive and a passion for creative work, and particularly photography. And that was how she basically evolved.
  • Every single stepping stone taught me something about looking at the bigger picture.
  • When I was studying photography, it taught me about the way people live on creativity and passion, and they don't have an income, they were literally just working at a cafe or in a bar at night, and then doing what they loved.
  • The powerful part that when you went into the passion. You grew through the different stages and Gary Vaynerchuk says, it doesn't matter what age you are, you are still evolving into your why.
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