GE Ep 270 [2020] - How Hit Top 20 Fastest Growing Tech Company w/ Partnership Marketing w/ A.C Evans

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Ac Evans is a pioneer in conversational marketing and the CEO and Co-Founder of Drips is the first conversational texting company of it's kind. They founded a new category and are leading the way for some of the world's biggest brands in the world to use automated humanized conversations at scale.

During this interview we discuss:

1:59 - AC shares what exactly is and how how they humanized the automated conversations.

4:03 - The experience of their clients and how they leveraged this to enhance their target market.

7:19 - He shares their growth numbers and stats.

9:25 - Are they planning on raising capital?

10:16 - How they managed grow rapidly even while bootstrapping finances.

13:16 - AC shared exactly how they leverage partnership marketing to see huge growth.

17:01 - What's the difference between channel marketing and partnership marketing

20:24 - How focusing on companies that you have the most symbiotic relationship can bring about huge success to both you and your partner company

23:26 - AC shares his favorite growth tool/software.

25:49 - He recommended one of his favorite book to us.

Plus a whole lot more!

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