GE Ep 248 [2020] - The QUALIFY Method To Help You Close More Sales w/ Bill Wooditch

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Bill Wooditch became the top salesman at a Fortune 500 company in less than two years and a top producer for two consecutive years. He then went on to build his own multi-million dollar company. He's the author of "Always Forward" and "Fail More" which were both top sellers on Wall Street Journal bestseller list.

During this interview we discuss:

1:15 - A quick backstory on how Bill migrated from being in corporate sales to building his own successful business.

3:33 - He shares a bit of an insight into his company today and how he built it.

5:44 - Bill tells us the #1 business superpower he wished he had.

7:34 - The biggest most important questions you need to ask your client/prospect.

11:03 - Bill talks about he difference between his "Q.U.A.L.I.F.Y Method" vs. the typical salesperson questions.

12:14 - We talk about the biggest mistake salespeople make.

15:41 - Some tough love about sales quotas and the importance of managing the right activities needed to go beyond quota.

17:31 - Bill shares to us his most painful failure in his business.

19:00 - The two most important things that you need to show whenever or wherever you are in your sales journey.

20:45 - He shares his favorite growth tool/software

21:04 - Bill recommends one of his favorite book to us.

Bill's websites:

Connect with Bill on every social media platform - @billwooditch


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