GE Ep 244 [2020] - 7 Reasons Why You Better Get Branding Right w/ Sean Castrina

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Sean Castrina is a serial entrepreneur who's started more than 20 companies and currently running 9 of them. His newest book called "The World's Greatest Business Plan" helps people by providing simple step by step plan for those who cannot afford to fail. He's contributed in some of the most recognized media outlets including Forbes, Yahoo Finance, Amazon BC as well as a guest lecture in some of America's finest colleges.

During this interview we discuss:

1:30 - Sean gives us a quick backstory on how and why started his business.

3:12 - We talk about his new books, "The World's Greatest Business Plan"

6:46 - He shares the number one reason why businesses go out of business and how proper branding can make all the difference.

7:44 - The 1st reason why you better get branding right.

8:46 - The easiest way to brand your company is to do this first.

12:00 - Why branding is by far your most effective sales force.

13:36 - How branding help define your cultural standards.

15:31 - We discuss how branding can give you the blueprint for future staffing.

18:35 -Sean talks about how branding can provide your business"guard rails"

20:32 - Learn how branding can become your biggest asset

21:01 - We talk about Warren Buffet's strategy behind investing in brands vs just businesses.

23:19 - We talk about one question every brand needs to ask.

24:10 - Sean shares his favorite growth tool/software.

25:55 - He recommended one of his favorite book to us.

Sean's Websites:

Get Sean's New Book called "The World's Greatest Business Plan" for FREE!


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