GE Ep 239 [2020] - Stop Spinning Your Wheels and Start Growing w/ John Ferris

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John Ferris is the CEO of inVision Edge which is a management consultancy focused on helping organizations innovate and grow. John has a mission to help leaders and organizations do great things whatever their definition of greatness is. John is a believer in the 3 elements of organizational transformations; Strategy, Innovation, and Leadership. He and his company focus on pragmatic tools, training and coaching that get results fast for their clients.

During this interview we discuss:

1:57 - John shares how and why he developed his strategy and growth framework.

5:02 - John picks the #1 business superpower he wished he had.

6:32 - We discuss how entrepreneurs can stop spinning your wheels and start growing your business.

8:36 - Steps on how to build your own strategic plan that can help you say NO to things that are not critical to growth.

12:34 - How identifying your strengths and weaknesses helps you formulate your strategic plan.

14:08 - John talked about the concept of the "Law of Three" and how it can help you choose your next step on achieving your goals.

16:30 - He shares how to manage and track your strategic plans.


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