GE Ep 216 [2020] - Leveraging Your Value Ladder to Create High Converting Funnels w/ Joel Luis

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Joel Luis is the CEO of Integrator Co. which is a digital marketing agency that helps businesses create high converting funnels. He is also a podcast host which is his "Startup Dad Revolution Podcast"

During this interview we discuss:

1:56 - Joel shares why he became an entrepreneur how it led him to becoming a funnel expert.

4:01 - He shares the one business superpower he wishes he had.

5:47 - Joel's shares his #1 strategy for getting new clients

7:47 - We talked about what a value ladder is and how to leverage it to increase sales.

11:00 - He then explains the 3 different types of conversion funnels he builds.

18:19 - How the ascension funnel differ from any funnels and why is it important.

25:20 - We talk about how to build out your very own value ladder.

27:52 - Joel shares one of his favorite growth tool/software.

29:33 - He recommended one of his favorite book to us.

Joel's Website:

Startup Dad Revolution FB Page


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