GE Bonus Ep [2020] - One of My Favorite Ways to Convert Website Visitors into Customers After They Leave Your Site w/ Oliver Chwojko

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Oliver Chwojko is a Google Ads expert at Triple R Marketing. the team at Triple R has personally helped me with me optimize my Google ads and I have seen great results. I decided to have him on our show today because he's the guy behind the scenes doing all the hard work and the one that had figured out how to get me a great ROI on my Google ad spend.

During this interview we discuss:

2:40 - Oliver gave us a quick backstory on how and why he specialized in Google ads.

4:43 - We discuss what exactly is Google Remarketing ads are and why they can be so effective.

8:16 - We talked about the difference between cold campaigns vs warm campaigns ad campaigns.

10:04 - Oliver shares his step by step process for creating high converting Google remarketing ads

12:44 - Simple tips from Oliver on how to figure out exact keywords to target to get the best results.

14:47 - How does "Negative Keywords" work?

16:16 - The most important component in any ad copy.

17:00 - How many ads would Oliver suggest to start out with? and how many would we use to test it?

19:24 - Oliver's thoughts on "Ad Fatigue"?

21:51 - A great tip for maximizing Google remarketing ads.

23:40 - How much budget should you start out with for re-marketing campaigns?

24:45 - Oliver shares his favorite growth tool/software.

25:43 - He recommended one of his favorite books to us.

PLUS a whole lot more!

Oliver's Websites:

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