It's Not Easy Being Green | 5.17.22

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Getting into the legal recreational-use cannabis industry creates several unique challenges. Maybe none a bigger hurdle than securing financing. As we have touched on before in this podcast, banking options remain limited because of the federal status of cannabis. But that just scratches the surface of the potential financial stumbling blocks for new businesses. Factor in lawmakers' desire to create opportunities for equity and diversity in the industry, and the challenge is clear. In this episode we explore in depth what banking is like for cannabis businesses and also learn more about a new state lending program designed to help ease the burden.


Lonnie Talbert, Former COO, Southwest Capitol Bank

Marquita Russel, CEO, New Mexico Finance Authority

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Christian Bjoerklund - "Hallon"

Podington Bear - "Good Times"

Blue Dot Sessions - "Building the Sled"

Blue Dot Sessions - "Sylvestor"

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