Paano yumaman ng walang business with The Peso Pro - Philippe Dela Cruz

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Walang business? Pwede ka pa rin yumaman!

It's engrained sa pop-culture na the only way na pwede tayong maging mayaman eh through becoming a businessman.

Paano naman kung 'di naman nating strength ang magtayo ng business? Pwede pa rin ba tayong maging mayaman?

In this episode, we talk to Philippe Dela Cruz or more popularly known as PPE or The Peso Pro Episodes in YouTube.

He dives deep on how we don't need to become businessman to achieve financial freedom; on why learning about savings rate is the key to retiring; and how anyone with the right tools is able to do what he is about to achieve - retire by the age of 45.

Join our wide-ranging conversation with the peso professional PPE Dela Cruz.

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