Laughtrip na Linya-Linya with Ali Sangalang

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Our guest for today ay talaga namang lyrical genius and writer extraordinaire. Nakikinig nako sa podcast niya nung first episode palang talaga. At naku! Sobran laughtrip at sobrang ganda ng show niya. It's a small world after all dahil nagkakilala kami nitong guest namin for today way back in college pa. I would say that this is a dream interview for me dahil isa toh sa mga podcast na nae-enjoy ko. We will explore his experience as a speech writer for the late president Pnoy Aquino. Ang kanyang pagmamahal sa wikang filipino. At bakit si Tupac Shakur and isa sa kanyang paboritong artist. 💯 Connect with us: IG: FB Page: YouTube: 😃 Join our community: Facebook Group: Make Every Second Count ⏳

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