186: Bakit Hindi Ka Productive sa Bahay: 3 Tips on How to Stay Focused

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"Focus is a skill that you develop. It is not something you're born with." -Nicole and Prax

"Blanket time" Ito ang recent activity that we introduced to our baby boy Marcus. Nabasa ko sa isang baby book by Gary Ezzo, isang pediatrician, that focus is an important skill that we should teach our baby.

Ang concept ng blanket time is - iiwan si baby sa isang blanket, sa isang area kung saan maglalaro siya ng specific toy for a certain time. Nagumpisa kami with 3 minutes. And now, nasa 10 minutes na kami. Gary Ezo shares that toddler can focus to about 30 minutes per activity.

Everytime ginagawa namin tong activity with Marcus - duon mo makikita that at an early age ang dami nang distractions. Maya't maya kukuha ng ibang toy o gagapang palabas sa blanket para sundan ako.

Now imagine, tayo na mas maraming distractions - tayo na mas nakakaintindi. We are not far from a little baby who can't focus for 5 minutes.

In this episode, we will share with you 3 tips on how to stay focused with working from home.

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