164: 15 Seconds of Fame

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"Uy! Nasa Trending Charts kayo ng Spotify."

One of our listeners messaged us over Instagram to let us know we're going viral.

Na-surprise kami kasi for the longest time hindi na namin ito chinicheck.

Pero flashback to when we were just starting out - hayok na hayok kami na mapasok sa Spotify Charts. Araw araw kami nagcheck kung nandun na kami, until such time na napagod nalang kami at tinigil na namin ang pag tingin.

And then suddenly... BOOM! Nandyan na kami sa charts.

It's our 15 seconds of fame.

Ang saya saya pala sa pakiramdam.

Pero kung gaano kabilis na nandoon kami, ay napaka fleeting din ng moment na yon.

Dahil kinabukasan ay balik work nanaman - mag isip ng topic, mag record, mag edit, at mag upload.

In today's episode we talk about our eagerness to achieve fame and how we navigate through the complex desire to achieve recognition. Introspect and learn from this experience.

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