Ep. 44 - Harrowing Tales

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Beware: we revisit dreadful stories we never found it within ourselves to finish. Cue the screams in the corner!
Sneak into the cemetery after midnight and discover Asteria Graves, releasing her very own haunted book, “Written in Bone,” during the 2022 spooky season. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok for more to come.
Poke your head around the corner for Stephen Cole’s book, “Cursed by a Gift: A Poet’s Dilemma. Find him on Facebook (Rambling Words Poetry and More).
Submit your very own haunted horrors to: gwritersanon@gmail.com
The town hall meeting for all ghouls and ghastliness is at the heart of our Facebook page (Ghost Writers, Anonymous). Enter at your own risk.

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