The Purpose and Power of Sexuality

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"God designed sexuality as a gift that protects marriage, strengthens our bond, and blesses our families." ~ Bette Nordberg
Do you think we live in a sex-saturated culture? Does it make it that much harder to have healthy relationships?Some would respond with a resounding "YES!"
As powerful as sexuality is, it seems to have been watered-down to no more than a basic animal appetite. But that was never God's original intent for sex. It was meant to be blessing, not a curse. However, many struggle with sexual addiction, temptation, and confusion over their sexual identity. In the quest for the quick fix, the long-term happiness that many seek in a relationship has all but vanished. Why?
If you're dismayed by the dwindling value of sexual purity, or if you're struggling in your development of a healthy relaitonship with your spouse, tune in today. Our guest, Bette Nordberg, author of Pure Sex, Great Sex: Discovering God's Best for Marriage is here to dispel some of the myths surrounding sex, sexuality, and marriage. Call in with your questions and comments! Call 646-716-6910 or log in to our LIVE chat room.

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