Training To Your Level: What and How

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Last podcast episode we spoke about what we should be doing differently to the pros. But what about age grouper to age grouper?

Not all age groupers are created equal, depending on your level of experience, your ability as an athlete and many other factors you need to be training differently to other athletes around you.

So what do you need to change?

What levers do you need to be pulling differently?

We discuss them all in today’s episode.


00:00 - Introduction

00:50 - Gratitude

05:11 - What has caught our attention

19:00 - Training Program: Beginner vs Advance athletes

23:30 - Coaching Elite athletes from different disciplines

26:00 - Why beginners need to be more conservative

35:50 - Understanding the right intensity for your sessions

52:45 - Importance of testing and retesting

54:45 - The right training mindset: Beginner vs Advance athletes

1:04:30 - Try them all and see what works best for you

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