8 Nutrition Rules Endurance Athletes Must Know

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We are not nutrition experts so these aren’t our opinions, but we wanted to put the best lessons from the professionals we’ve had on the podcast in one place.


00:00 - Introduction

01:10 - Gratitude

03:45 - What has caught our attention

09:40 - Collins Cup

14:15 - Kona: Enjoyment VS Cost

22:00 - Rule #1: Understanding Correct Fueling

25:15 - Rule #2: How much carb should you take in a race?

30:55 - Rule #3: Food intake should reflect the specific day

33:17 - Rule $4: Protein on the recovery window

35:00 - Rule #5: Protein in each meal

37:35 - Rule #6: Improving your weight

44:18 - Balance: Enjoyment and Sustainability

49:00 - Importance of a mock race

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