Ep.65 - Tips On BUILDING a Business w/ Mr. Beez

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“Only 3 ways to create GENERATIONAL wealth......Real Estate, Assets & Securities, and Building or Buying a business” ~ Mr. Beez


We have none other than Motivational Speaker, Author, and Serial Entrepreneur: Bjorn “Business Builder Beez”

In this episode, Beez and I talk about:

- The TOP mistakes he’s seen people make when starting their own business

- How to set our SMALL businesses up for BIG-time funding

- What to do if your PASSION isn’t bringing in the PROFITS

If you’re looking to be motivated, educated, and entertained…this podcast is for you!


• Connect with Mr. Beez: https://instagram.com/businessbuilderbeez?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

• Subscribe to our website for FYI FLI app updates: https://fyifli.com/

• Purchase the playbook to increase your drive, destiny, & dollars: https://fyifli.com/fromcollegetocovid/

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