Ep.57 - Happy Go Money w/ Money Expert & Author, Melissa Leong

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"Clarity Brings Comfort" ~ Melissa Leong

On this FinLit Friday, FYI FLI goes way up north to Canada with Melissa Leong, the money expert on the number 1 talk show in Canada: The Social, Author of the Happy Go Money book, and International Speaker!

In this episode, Melissa and I talk about:

- The benefits of being financially lit!

- The uncapped earning potential for an entrepreneur.

- The FIRST step to building a solid financial foundation.

- The psychology behind money and how it affects us!

If you’re looking to be motivated, educated, and entertained…this podcast is for you!


• Connect with Melissa: https://www.instagram.com/lisleong/?hl=en

• Subscribe to our website for FYI FLI app updates: https://fyifli.com/

• Purchase the playbook to increasing your drive, destiny, & dollars: https://fyifli.com/fromcollegetocovid/

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