Ep.52 - Season 3 Intro w/ Corey Paul of the Literacy Kings

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FYI FLI is back for a whole new season of Fin Lit, entrepreneurial, and entertaining conversations!

In this intro episode, Hassan Thomas and Remy G. chop it up with Houston’s very own, podcaster, rapper, and financial literacy enthusiast, Corey Paul!

Their discussion highlights fundamental steps to financial freedom, good VS bad credit, and the relatability between books and music! If you are looking to increase your drive, destiny, and dollars in 2022 and beyond ~ this podcast is for you!

•Please forgive the clicking during the episode.* Won't happen again!


- Subscribe and watch the visual interview on youtube: https://youtu.be/mDvnKeqgOsk

- Learn how to start a podcast with Corey Paul: https://purpose-driven-podcast.thinkific.com/courses/podcast-masterclass

- Order my first book: From College To Covid, 24 Lessons Learned During Lockdown To Increase Your Drive, Destiny, & Dollars


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