Ep.51 - Panel Discussion: The Impact Of Athletes, Influencers, and Celebrities On The Youth

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FYI FLI has teamed up with Law Of Athlete to bring you a panel discussion on the impact athletes and influencers have on our youth and who better to speak on the topic than athletes, influencers, and entrepreneurs.

Check out the panel:

Deonte Holden - CEO of Law Of Athlete

Destane Freeman - Hair Stylist & Model

William Sweet III - NFL Vet & CEO of Sweet Ventures

Brittany Greene - 5x Author & Credit Coach

Deevine - Rapper & Author

And of course those FYI FLI Guys, Remy G. and Hassan Thomas.

Think about the people that are impacting you, your siblings, and/or your kids…Are we following the right people? Tune in to the FYI FLI X LOA Panel Discussion to hear thoughts and tips on the impact that public figures have on our youth!





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