Ep.4 - Music Monday's w/ Artist and CEO of Jackson Multi-Media: Sleepovrnxtfriday

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“The music industry today is 90% business and 10% talent” ~ Sleepovrnxtfriday

Our 4th talented musician joining FYI FLI’s new segment called Music Monday's -- will be Knoxville’s very own rapper, producer, and owner of the record label, Jackson MultiMedia: Sleepovrnxtfriday

Hassan Thomas and Remy G: chop it up with Sleepovrnxtfriday about:

• The importance of standing out and not trying to fit in when it comes to the music industry

• Tips on social media marketing for any artist or entrepreneur

• In-depth conversation on how upcoming artists MUST understand music AND business to be successful


• Connect with Sleepovrnxtfriday:


• Subscribe to our website for FYI FLI app updates: https://fyifli.com/

• Purchase the playbook to increasing your drive, destiny, & dollars: https://fyifli.com/fromcollegetocovid/

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