Ep.3 - Music Monday's w/ Artist and Dj, Joseph Isaiah AKA Dj Suede

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Catch your favorite independent artist or producer on FYI FLI’s new segment called, Music Mondays!

Our third talented musician will be Charlotte’s very own, a true artist, Dj, and entrepreneur: Joseph Isaiah AKA Dj Suede

Remy G. and I chop it up with CEOJoseph about:

• His rap career and how he hopes to inspire his listeners.

• Key advice for ANY artist, creative, or entrepreneur

• Ways to make multiple streams of income as an upcoming artist.


• Connect with CEOJoseph: https://www.instagram.com/ceo.joseph/?hl=en

• Subscribe to our website for FYI FLI app updates: https://fyifli.com/

• Purchase the playbook to increasing your drive, destiny, & dollars: https://fyifli.com/fromcollegetocovid/

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