Could oxalate overload be causing your symptoms? With Sally K Norton

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Sally K Norton is a Cornell University educated nutritionist, dietary consultant, and lifestyle coach. She works with people struggling with unexplained joint pain, muscle pain, inflammation, fatigue, and brain function problems. She has an unique expertise in the link between dietary oxalates and mysterious health problems. Although she focuses on support for low-oxalate eating to resolve pain and related problems, I also work with clients who have a variety of other nutritional challenges and health concerns.

Time Stamps:

0:08:55 Podcast begins

0:09:25 What happened with Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus?

0:17:15 What is oxalate poisoning and what are the symptoms?

0:32:25 "Pro-oxidant" is the proper terminolog we should use for high oxolate foods

0:38:25 Which foods are highest in oxalates?

0:49:55 Total, Soluble and Insoluble Oxalate Contents of Ripe Green and Golden Kiwifruit:

0:50:15 Peanut-induced acute oxalate nephropathy with acute kidney injury:

0:51:05 Oxalate, inflammasome, and progression of kidney disease:,_inflammasome,_and_progression_of_kidney.15.aspx

0:51:55 Effect of cinnamon and turmeric on urinary oxalate excretion, plasma lipids, and plasma glucose in healthy subjects:

0:54:15 Transient Hyperoxaluria after Ingestion of Chocolate as a High Risk Factor for Calcium Oxalate Calculi:

0:58:25 Hypothyroidism in primary hyperoxaluria type 1:

1:00:10 Oxalate in the human thyroid gland:

1:01:55 Why do plants have oxalates?

1:06:25 Do any animal foods have oxalates?

1:07:55 Breaking down oxalate synthesis

1:18:40 The protective benefits of calcium in the diet and why aged cheeses are easiest to digest

1:23:10 Oxalate dumping.. how do we do it?

1:30:55 Hyperoxaluria leads to dysbiosis and drives selective enrichment of oxalate metabolizing bacterial species in recurrent kidney stone endures:

1:37:55 Closing thoughts with Sally Norton


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