Spirituality in the Workplace - Dr Stephen Broadhurst - part 2

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On episode #20 of #FromDepressionToExpression, we continue or conversation after Spirituality in the Home Place, and we discuss Spirituality in the workplace with my guest Dr Stephen Broadhurst. Aerospace Engineer, Specialist Change Agent, Author ‘continuous (efficiency and effectiveness) improvement specialist and Transactional and Transitional leadership.

Professional: Strategic alignment and implementation of organization Culture and standard Ways-of-Working through Agile, Businesses Process Re-engineering & lean tools and techniques. Personal (motivation and wellbeing) change Teacher, Trainer & Coach.

Author of ‘Spirituality in the Workplace’, A Tool for Relations, Sustainability and growth in Turbulent and Interconnected Markets

We got to talk about:

  • Self Doubt & Denial (wire brush) => Cleaning House => Personal Inventory List => Ism’s
  • His Book. Why did he write it. What is the story behind
  • Blaming yourself, Blaming others
  • Spirituality at work.
  • How does private life and work life interfere with spirituality
  • Common elements between: Work -, Friend- and Private Life
  • What is drawing the good stuff to him
  • How his personal path, spiritual journey helped him with the dissertation
  • Spirituality vs Spiritualism
  • His experiences writing his Doctor dissertation
  • What is depression and the opposite

Reach out:



  • Interview on Ecole des Ponts Business School “What Spirituality Isn't All About”
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGj2Kli5syw&ab_channel=EcoledesPontsBusinessSchool

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