Episode 183 - What Do Michael Jackson and Caviar Have In Common?

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Hello Internet,

On this episode of TFSP we start the show off with a few jokes brought to you by Ricky from the Philadelphia train terminal!

D&D is making some changes and moving further into the games as a service/online services model, will this change help or harm D&D's rising cultural popularity? Will Wade every be invited into Gunnar's weekly D&D game?

Dredd is arguably one of the most underrated comic book films of all time. Will Karl Urban get an opportunity to play the Judge for another go around? We can only hope!

All that and more on this episode of The Friendship Snake Podcast!

#Dredd #KarlUrban #DungeonsAndDragons #GunnarIsTooCoolForWade #CriticalRole #RollForInitiative #HeNeverDied

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