Straight Fire w/ Jason McIntyre - The New England Patriots Stink + College Football Championship Weekend and NFL Week 13 Best Bets

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On today's episode, Jason gets the party started by doing a deep dive on the Buffalo Bills bludgeoning of the New England Patriots on Thursday Night Football. The Patriots were never as good as 'the Sharps' thought they were so it should come as no surprise that the Bills cruised to victory. Adding insult to injury, Mac Jones was caught by the television cameras cursing at one of his coaches on the sidelines late in the game. Big Yikes! Later, J-Mac shares a few quick thoughts on the last few weeks of the fantasy football season and all the latest World Cup happenings. Finally, our fearless leader closes the show with a very special college football Championship Weekend and NFL Week 13 edition of the Best Bet. Do the Cincinnati Bengals have it in them to shock the Kansas City Chiefs for a third straight time? Will Tua Tagovailoa have enough time to carve up the San Francisco 49ers defense if his offensive tackles aren't 100% healthy? Will USC avenge their only loss of the season against Utah and punch their ticket to the College Football Playoff? Jason has the answers to all those questions - and much more!

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