Tway Nguyen on What Culinary School Can’t Teach You

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Chef and influencer Tway Nguyen reveals the unlikely inspiration behind her handle, @TwayDaBae, and gives her best advice for getting training in the industry. Tway talks about the Vietnamese foods that should get more of the spotlight before sharing her experience moving to the United States at just 8 years old. She reveals the television shows that helped her learn conversational English and why she decided to pursue culinary school despite her family’s wishes. Tway talks about the things you cannot teach a chef and explains why she believes intuition is more important than skill when it comes to cooking. She talks about her first viral video on TikTok and creating content for the platform before advocating for fish sauce as a more flavorful alternative to salt. Tway shares her first experience watching Anthony Bourdain and his significant influence on her life and culinary perspective. She reveals what Food Network show she just competed on (the episode airs in October!) and what Food Network star she would most enjoy cooking with. Tway then reveals the surprising snack she is eating by the spoonful lately before reminiscing on the steak that changed her life.

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