Tiffany Derry on Pulling Your Own Seat Up to the Table & Triple Threat Teasers

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Chef Tiffany Derry shares her lively upbringing with over 50 cousins and how this abundant family dynamic shaped who she is. Tiffany reminisces on her childhood on a farm and the passion for cooking and preparing food that her grandmother instilled in her. She talks about how being up close and personal with growing her own food provided her with a unique perspective on food waste and shares the various ways she preserves and reuses kitchen scraps. Tiffany discusses the importance of eating seasonally, shopping small and how food legislation affects people on an everyday level. She reveals the breakfast restaurant that denied her a job as a cook, how she faces gender disparity in the industry head on and the significant piece of advice her mother gave her. Tiffany reveals the details of the new show, Bobby’s Triple Threat, before revealing what it is really like to have your reputation on the line while the world watches.

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