Stephanie Boswell on Chef Tattoos & Frightening Foods

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Stephanie Boswell chats about her career, chef-inspired tattoos, and filming Halloween Baking Championship. Stephanie shares the story behind her two Michelin star tattoos with host Jaymee Sire before diving into the various places her career has taken her. From Chicago to Beverly Hills, Stephanie talks about the lessons learned and innovative dessert creations along the way. She reveals the childhood memory behind her concept, the Faberge Egg, and where she looks for creative inspiration. Stephanie talks about her childhood full of bland foods and void of candy before describing her experience as a judge on Halloween Baking Championship. She talks about how she sourced her own genuine ’80s wardrobe for the current season and the average amount of time she spends in the hair and makeup chair for the show. Stephanie reveals what it’s like to work with fellow hosts Zac Young and Carla Hall and then tells Jaymee where she draws the line when it comes to getting grossed out by contestants’ creations.

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