Shinmin Li Reveals Her Trick to the Perfect Cookie

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Cake artist Shinmin Li shares her experiences from culinary school down under to creating the world’s first cake gallery. Shinmin talks about how intuition has guided her life decisions and led her to Sydney, Australia for culinary school. She talks about what she loves about Aussie culture and her first experiences in a bakery. Shinmin reveals the craziest and most complex cake creations she has ever made and where she gets artistic inspiration to fuel her creativity. She talks about getting crafty with her daughter, Mina, what Halloween costume they are planning this year, and the adorable holiday traditions they have. Shinmin talks about how the show has evolved over the past decade and what she has personally learned as a judge. She shares the tools and tricks of the cake artists on the show and teases the upcoming season of Holiday Wars and what fans can look forward to before revealing her trick to the perfect cookie.

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