Michael Voltaggio on Creativity, Chaos & What’s in His Notes App

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Chef Michael Voltaggio reveals what foods he flew in for his most recent birthday celebration and what his forties have looked like so far. He talks about what he learned having to support himself in high school while working at a Holiday Inn and why he always perceives challenges as opportunities. After three decades, Michael reveals why he fell in love with the industry and how he continues to stay inspired and fulfilled day to day. He talks about how social media and the sharing economy has influenced the industry and how his personal approach to hospitality is reflected in his restaurants. Michael shares the characteristics he looks for when hiring talent and why enthusiasm overrides experience before explaining the concept behind his latest restaurant venture. He talks about how his time on television has sharpened his skills as a chef and his experiences as a titan on the first season of Bobby’s Triple Threat. Michael gives a peek behind the curtain of Triple Threat and contemplates why the straightforward challenge ingredients allow each chef to showcase their unique culinary approach.

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