Lucas Sin on His “Why Not” Mentality & Affection for Microwaves

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Chef and restaurateur Lucas Sin shares his success story, starting with the first restaurant he started in his hometown of Hong Kong at just 16 years old. Lucas talks about what he loves about his culture and the family member who told him not to become a chef. He talks about his time at Yale University and the inventive popup restaurant that he ran out of the basement of his dormitory. Lucas details how he found himself in a Michelin-starred kitchen in Kyoto as a college student, what he learned in such an elevated fine-dining setting and the reminder he received from a fellow chef that changed the course of his career. He talks about the landscape of the Chinese food industry in the United States and how it shaped his own foray into opening fast-casual Chinese establishments. He talks about the balance of blending tradition with modernity and how to push boundaries while remaining true to the history of Chinese cuisine. Lucas talks about his feelings towards the accolades and recognition he has received in the culinary world and his Crack An Egg With episode on

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