Dan Pelosi on That Viral Vodka Sauce

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Internet sensation Dan Pelosi shares the story behind his digital identity, GrossyPelosi, and his journey from the fashion industry to full-time food influencer and blogger. Dan shares how he brings his unique perspective and family traditions to the table with his annual holiday cookie party and why his 2019 gathering was so pivotal. He describes why the pandemic and renewed focus on home cooking put him on a fast track to social media fame and becoming a voice in the domestic digital space. Dan reveals his most popular recipe he has deemed “The Sawce” and the spirit that makes the recipe sing. He talks about his personal philosophy in the kitchen and why not taking himself too seriously allows his followers to relate to him in an authentic way. Dan shares some special memories with his greatest inspiration, his hundred-year-old grandfather, Bimpi, and the story of cooking for his entire study abroad cohort. He talks about entertaining friends and some impressive recipes that are actually super simple, as well as his top tips for cooking in a vacation rental. Dan and Jaymee share their favorite Brooklyn eateries and Dan explains why second breakfast is a crucial part of his day. He makes a case for divisive ingredients like cottage cheese and sardines and why he is passionate about not yucking other people’s yum.

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