Caroline Schiff on Her Gravity-Defying Hair & The Sweet Side of Sourdough

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Beloved pastry chef, Caroline Schiff, talks about her statement head of hair before describing what a typical day in her life looks like. She talks about her love of running, including her favorite New York City running route, and the surprising physical demands of being a pastry chef. Caroline talks about her path to pastry via a French degree and love of fashion and how all of these interests have influenced her as a pastry chef. She describes how seasonal ingredients steer the direction of her ideas and the challenges of navigating the culinary scene in New York as a young, female chef with no formal training. Caroline talks about being a part of the reopening of the historic Gage and Tollner restaurant in Brooklyn and the story behind her iconic and labor-intensive Baked Alaska for Two. She talks about how her new cookbook, The Sweet Side of Sourdough, was a product of the pandemic hobby that swept the nation and how the need to keep a starter alive inspired her to innovate. Caroline lovingly talks about her Jewish heritage and her family’s traditions during Hanukkah and Shabbat and what it was like to film Beat Bobby Flay.

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